Ruth and Kohtaro

Ruth and Kohtaro


  • Business / Executive (E メールや電話、プレゼンなど)
  • Daily Life / Conversational (買い物や外食時の会話、文法&ボキャブラリーなど)
  • Students / Children (現地校/インターナショナル・スクールのサポート宿題含)、入学試験や A レベルを含む各種試験対策など)
  • Exams / Qualifications(IELTS やSTEP EIKEN, TOEIC, TOEFL, KET, PET, FCE, など各種英語試験対策及び大学のエッセイや論文)
  • Special Purposes(面接や航空英語、英国英語発音など)


無料コンサルテーション受付中!連絡先 いっしょにロンドン

Our Clients

Banks and Businesses: Nomura Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ, Metal One, UMU Restaurant, Maruho Europe, Japan Clinics in London, Shionogi Pharmaceuticals, SMB Nikko, JLGC, Virgin Airlines, SMBC Nikko Capital Markets Ltd., JFE Steel Europe Limited, The Bank of Tokyo- Mitsubishi.

Many Private and Public British Schools: International, Independent Schools & Prep Schools including The Dragon School, Marymount International School, St. Nicholas Prep School, Frith Manor, Sutton High School, Canbury School, Hampstead Hill School, The King’s College School, as well as local schools in Acton, Wimbledon and St John’s Wood.

We also teach children from age 4 from Japanese nurseries and schools: Bunka Yochien, Maida Gakuen and The Japanese School in Acton.

Professors, Post Graduate Scholars and Academics from Many Top Universities: St George’s University, The University of the Arts, The University of Westminster, UCL, various visitors from Japanese Universities.

Professionals: Doctors, Lawyers, and Teachers.

Creatives and Sportspeople: NHK TV Directors, Newspaper editors, Designers & Artists. tutors are very friendly and especially popular with Japanese housewives.

We have many happy students, please read a selection of testimonials here.

Please contact us if you need to improve your English!

The start of my new life in London was rather difficult as I could not speak or understand English even after six months, and that was when I came across Vanessa’s IsshoniLondon.

Catherine was a vibrant and kind teacher. As well as teaching me business English, she talked with me on various subjects, and it was as if I was seeing my best friend every week, and that’s how good her lessons were. Catherine, with her two-year experience of teaching English in Japan, understood some typical weakness Japanese people have and was able to give me spot-on advises. She was great and was just the right teacher for me.

Since I started taking her lessons, my husband and friends started commenting that they could see the difference in me and I seemed to have become more confident in English. I cannot thank Vanessa and Catherine enough. Yumiko, Fulham, 2015 (Housewife)